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The first statement is as follows Louis Vuitton Belt Replica Since we have recently learned about the customer’s unpleasant experience, we have attached great importance to it and immediately launched an in-depth investigation into the matter to understand louis vuitton belt uk the details as much as possible.

In any case, fake louis vuitton belt uk we apologize for the customer’s experience. This deviates from the guidelines adhered to by the Mercedes-Benz brand. We have sent a special working group to Xi’an to make an appointment with our customers as soon as possible to communicate directly, louis vuitton belt cheap and strive to achieve a satisfactory solution on a reasonable basis. Legal rights are our top priority in business operations, and we also require all distributor partners to adhere to the business guidelines. We will continue to listen to customer replica louis vuitton belt uk feedback and optimize customer experience with all dealer partners.

According to this grammar, it is not a Chinese habit, and it is obviously a hard translation from German. The impression is not sure, perfunctory, nonsense, arrogance, louis vuitton belt wholesale not admitting mistakes. At the beginning of the customer unpleasant experience there is no time, place, character, no targeting, perfunctory. There is no rigorous German style. louis vuitton belt aaa is precise, like a poem, with a precise vocabulary description of specific things, but the statement deliberately and broadly talks, stunned. Secondly, in any case is the arrogance of not admitting in the bones. On the surface, in any case includes Mercedes-Benz’s responsibility or not, but from the overall voice, Mercedes-Benz believes that it is not responsible. Therefore, the so-called investigations, listening, and so on are all nonsense. If you change the Xi’an to another place, the statement is available everywhere. It is a standard Fudge public relations text, louis vuitton belt replica wasting all the energy.